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It’s normal to sometimes feel lost, alone and confused – especially when you’re experiencing changes in your life. Occasionally, for no real reason at all, you may even feel sad, nervous or stressed out. But when these feelings develop into something deeper, it’s time to reach out and talk to someone you know you can trust.

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I understand – taking that first step can be daunting, but the positive effects of reaching out are worth it, and so are you.

I’m Susan Goldstiver, a Registered Psychotherapist, and I have your best interests at heart. I have two core areas of specialisation:

Helping parents on their journey towards raising a healthy, happy family. From coping with antenatal + postnatal depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress after childbirth (birth trauma), attachment and bonding difficulties, I am ready to support any parent or couple struggling with adjusting to parenthood.

Sexual orientation, gender identity and support for the LGBTQI community. Having proudly raised a gay son, I am equipped with the tools to support anyone from this community on their individual journey towards leading a healthy, authentic life free from shame, including coping with the coming out or transitioning process.

I Provide Therapy For:

  • Pregnant women
  • New mothers and fathers
  • Women and men suffering postnatal distress, depression or anxiety
  • Women (and men) who have experienced birth trauma
  • Couples having issues within their relationship
  • The LGBTIQ community, including their families
  • Anyone going through the coming out or transitioning process
  • People with experience of trauma and sexual abuse, and those dealing with HIV/AIDS
  • Those experiencing grief or loss
  • Those experiencing cross-cultural issues

Psychological distress can manifest in a variety of ways. Perhaps you’re having difficulty adjusting to parenthood? Maybe you’re pregnant and terrified of what awaits you? Are you having difficulty sleeping or feeling unmotivated, lonely, numb, rageful or tearful? Are you struggling with coming out or coming to terms with your sexuality? Perhaps you know someone who is? Talking confidentially in therapy can alleviate some of that stress and fear, reduce your distress and help you to feel safe and supported.

With a Masters of Health Science in Psychotherapy (Honours), I have honed my specialist skill set and experience to help you develop positive strategies to move forward with your life, while increasing your feelings of contentment, empowerment, freedom and happiness.




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