Services and Fees

Services and Fees


Individual appointments at practice – 60 minutes
Couple appointments at practice – 60 minutes

During pregnancy

Antenatal sessions are used to explore and understand your previous experiences with depression and anxiety. Antenatal depression and antenatal anxiety are treated and a plan is developed together with your partner to help prevent Postnatal Distress occurring.


The normal charge for an appointment is $150 for individuals and $170 for couples (both inclusive of GST). However, Susan has a sliding scale for those on lower income. Please ask her about this if you need to.

Phone sessions

In exceptional circumstances Susan will conduct phone sessions. A fee will be charged for the length of time the call takes. Susan has worked with clients in Wellington, Taranaki, Christchurch, Australia, New York, United Kingdom, China and Doha.

Talks and workshops

Susan is available to give talks to groups and facilitate workshops to those interested in knowing more about postnatal distress and difficulties adjusting to parenthood. A fee is charged for her time.


If you would like to know more about how talking to Susan could help you please contact Susan